Fuck Em All!

It's fucking ridiculous! 

Worst Birthday?

Well, I appreciated all of those who greeted me on my 17th birthday, and I am very grateful, and for the first time in my life someone has just posted a photo with a message, I really appreciate it. I liked it when I'd learned that they've really put my birthday on their calendar.

Well, some of them forgot its my birthday or they had just forgotten me, which is okay. I'm aware. Yeah, I'm expecting for this one girl to greet me but I as a pessimistic, and I expected the worst that I knew that she's not gonna greet me. It hurts a lot. :) 

How I Learned Programming?

I learned programming when I was on my 10th grade, but I done HTML when I was on my 8th grade. I started working on programming when I saw my brother creating a VB.net and C++, I think. I get curious about it and also how websites work, so I gathered some research about programming, until I found PHP and MySQL, and weird thing I did I was I didn't much learn about the basics of Programming, I went to advanced like this PHP. 

F*ck This Feelings!

Having kind of these feelings, makes me feel uncomfortable as fuck,  whenever I flirt, I still think about her. All of the memories we had come into my mind. I still don't know to stop it. 

Hacker daw ako? *lol*

I'm not a hacker. To be honest, I'm a script kiddie wherein I use someone's hacking tool for me to get your private informations. Yes, I have already hacked someone's account but the reason is, it isn't hacking, it's invasion of privacy. I'm not using any tools, I'm just hoping to guess your password correctly.